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How to deal with ‘setbacks’ in life

How are you traveling this week? Are you starting to feel that things are freeing up and you are moving forward? Your mind should be feeling more creative and you should be feeling another shift in yourself; wanting to get things done and to move ahead. There is a creative energy surrounding us, so be sure to capture those thoughts and turn them into action. Maybe have a pen and paper or Evernote ready to write your thoughts and ‘aha moments’ down. Even though there may be an energy surrounding us in getting us to move forward and helping us step more into our authentic self, setbacks can still occur.

So, I would like to use this opportunity to talk about set backs. Sometimes we think things are flowing and all is going to plan, and all of a sudden things crumble and it gets us down. We stop focusing on the positive things we are surrounded by and focus on the thing that are not moving the way we would like to. Unfortunately, in life we all come across setbacks and they can appear out of the blue. Or sometimes, we want things really quick and they don’t come as quick as we would like them to appear, which can occur as a setback or make us feel as if things are on hold.

Firstly, it is important to maybe have a look and see why they occur. We often go straight into ‘victim mode’ and ask, “Why me? Did this really have to happen to me?” Try to change your thought patterns and remove yourself from that emotion. It all comes down to awareness. Ask yourself, is this happening because this is not right for me, or do I need to have a look at my mindset and see what I am attracting. If it’s not right for you, you may need to re-assess the situation and have a look why it is blocking, and ask yourself if this is a re-occuring thing. If you often find yourself in similar situations and it is not working out, see if there is a better path for you.

If it’s a mindset situation have a think about what you are attracting. On the surface are you thinking, “oh, its all going great, is this for real” but deep down are you just waiting for that next bad thing to happen. Are you subconsciously telling yourself that “I can’t have it good”, that “something will occur that will set me back so I have to keep working hard”. Now is the time to start asking yourself about the root of this thought pattern. Did this come from your parent’s, siblings, friends, teachers….The list goes on. We are not born with this, that is for sure.

Anyway, food thought. But remember, you are in charge of your mind and the way you want to think and feel in the situations you are in. So, next time you are having a ‘setback’ in your life, see where it is coming from: is it your mind that’s attracting it, then look at how you can change that. Or is it something that occurs because it is not right, which means be creative and look for other ways?

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