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How to find your flow in life

How to find your flow in life and do things when you want to do them.

As kids we take on thoughts and beliefs from our parents, guardians and teachers. We are taught to live a life to a routine ~what is important and what is not, what comes first and what comes last.

It starts with little things; when you wake up in the morning, what to do first.   We often have been taught how to set a routine and we change it slightly when we become adults.


But do you really ever ask yourself if this what I want to do, when I want to things? Do you find yourself dreading to do certain things and chores?

It all starts by asking yourself “How do I feel? What works for me? When do I want to do things?”

If we choose to do something we enjoy doing first, we can start the day off by feeling great! Who is to say we need to do our chores first?

Why not do something nice when you wake up in the morning! Do some creative writing or just sit for a moment and be. Enjoy the moment of it being a new day, and it’s only just the beginning!


You can do what works for you, and you can choose how you want to create your days. Doesn’t that just make sense? We don’t really think about this. We just fall into a rut and do things without really thinking “is this actually working for me?”


So start creating your own flow! When you do, all of a sudden those little chores you have been putting off, and all the things you are supposed to do, no longer seem so bad.  Why? Because you have created your own flow, and you choose when and how you want to do things.


Write yourself a list. Think about all the things you want to do, and when you want to do them. This is great for indecisive people! You can create the routine that works for you.

It is important that we live a life that we are passionate about. Start bringing in the things into your life that you know are good for you and live them ~ and choose when and how.


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