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Your soul is your body’s inbuilt personal adviser…


Unfortunately, most people overlook this, or just don’t know how listen and learn from within. Why? Because, it can become clouded by personal doubts, fears, insecurities and disbelief in our own power and self worth. Hence blocking you from listening to yourself, or even asking yourself the right questions which answers lead you to living a life of beauty, perfection and peace. This is called the the art of self discovery, and Nathalie Sommer is here teach it to you.

Nathalie owned, and worked from within her clothing design and health food boutique’, where she began developing her mentor programs. Holistic therapies have always been a facet in the creative works of Nathalie who has been self employed for the last 10 years.

Originally from Switzerland, Nathalie has lived in many countries around the world, and currently resides in Hong Kong


Once I discovered how to really listen and trust my inner voice and provide my own answers, everything in all areas of my life fell into place. I found my true self, my life path and inner peace. As it turned out, my own wisdom and answers led me to mentoring others.

Nathalie Sommer, July 2014.



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