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To laugh or to cry?

To Laugh or To Cry?

We all experience moments where we feel that nothing is going the way we want. One moment we see new opportunities and doors opening up and all of a sudden they are closing again. This can leave us wondering why and what we could we have done differently. Our self worth goes down and we doubt ourselves. The question is, to laugh or to cry? We have moments where we get slowed down. That’s ok. We are allowed to feel what we feel. But, it does come down to you choosing how you want to handle and deal with the situation you are in. Do you want to be controlled by your negative feelings and emotions, or do you want to be in charge of your life and choose how you want to feel? Well, I believe you want to choose the latter ~ to be in control of your life! Go through your ups and downs! Don’t fall victim to your emotions and feel sorry for yourself! The only way to be in control of your life is to take action!

Stay in that moment! Explore your feelings ~ feel sad, disappointed and be upset!

It’s good to understand these emotions and explore them, but then take action and look ahead!

Listen to what your soul is telling you ~ just listen. It’s all within you ~ all your answers.

Take a moment to close your eyes and listen to your inner voice. You are in charge of your decisions!

What are your dreams? What are your desires? Write them down.

Make a plan to move towards your dreams and desires. New doors will start opening up to you and you will be on a new journey again.


And when you look back, it will all make sense as to why things didn’t work out the way you wanted.


To laugh or to cry?

The answer is both…then…go on ~ take action ~ NOW!

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